MRC Webinar Wednesday: eCommerce Fraud - It's Costing Merchants More Than They Think

Vesta's SVP of Strategy & Development, Matt Haroldson, will discuss the true cost of eCommerce fraud and how it's impacting online merchants.


Webinar presented by Merchant Risk Council in partnership with Vesta


Matt Haroldson, Vesta SVP, Strategy & Development


Wednesday, April 14th | 3pm PST / 6 pm EST

Event Description: 

Online shopping has surged amid the pandemic, and what should be a boom for eCommerce has been tempered by the dramatic rise of fraud.

As merchants try to battle the greater threat posed by fraud, many eCommerce companies are going overboard and rejecting good transactions alongside the bad ones. Now false declines are becoming a more expensive problem than fraud itself. Once a customer's legitimate purchase is declined, not only do merchants lose the sale, but they also often lose the customer for life. This webinar will dive into how much fraud is really costing merchants and what companies can do about it.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How much fraud is really costing merchants by looking at all aspects of fraud detection and prevention, including fraud rates, impacts, and other latent challenges
  • What steps companies can take to stop fraud while not increasing the risk of denying legitimate transactions

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