MRC Webinar Wednesday: Eliminate eGift Card Fraud and Grow Your Revenue

 Vesta's Director of Product Management and fraud industry expert from Chargelytics Consulting talk about eGift Card fraud prevention in this MRC webinar Wednesdays.


Webinar presented by MRC with Chargelytics Consulting and Vesta


John Venglass, Director of Product Management at Vesta

Karisse Hendrick, Founder of Fraudology Podcast and Chargelytics Consulting


Wednesday, 9 of December at 8 am PDT/11 am EDT/5 pm CET

Join us  for #WebinarWednesday with John Venglass, Director of Product Management at Vesta, and eCommerce consultant Karisse Hendrick as they explore how to eliminate eGift card fraud and and grow your revenue.

Nearly 50% of merchants have declined legitimate gift card purchases.  $221 billion in US gift card sales is projected by 2024 and $330 billion in revenue lost for fear of fraud. While these stats may seem concerning, there is good news.

Find out:

  • Why digital gift cards are so attractive to fraudsters
  • How this industry has changed since Covid-19,
  • The side effect of only focusing on preventing fraud on this channel
  • Best practices for identifying & preventing e-gift card fraud

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