The Paypers Webinar: Reinvention during COVID: Fraud Survival Guide for Merchants

 Vesta's CEO, Ron Hynes and fraud industry experts to learn about fraud strategies that can maximize revenue during the pandemic.

The Paypers webinar with Vesta

Reinvention during COVID: Fraud Survival Guide for Merchants


Watch Virtual Webinar recording presented by The Paypers, Vesta and fraud industry expert and Fraudology Podcast host.


Ron Hynes, Vesta CEO

Karisse Hendrick, Fraudology Podcast Host


Melisande Mual, ThePaypers Managing Director

Watch Webinar Recording Here

COVID-19 has changed the way retailers and other merchants do business, supercharging the transition to ecommerce and shifting strategies for in-person commerce to low- or no-touch curbside and concierge experiences as consumers prioritize safety above all else. Shoppers have shifted purchasing habits to minimize trips to the store, but when e- and m-commerce won’t do, they now expect contactless payments, BOPIS services and other low-risk, high-tech solutions to be available to them. Along with the resulting spike in card-not-present transactions, merchants are seeing a proliferation of fraud in this changing environment. In this moment of uncertainty when every transaction counts, what steps can merchants take to meet consumers where they want to be and overcome the fear of fraud to maximize revenue?

During the webinar, you will learn:

  • How fraud has thrived in the current pandemic environment
  • Shifting the idea of success from zero fraudulent transactions to effective fraud recognition and how to combat it
  • Tips for merchants in the process of crossing the chasm from a largely brick-and-mortar based business to one driven by digital commerce
  • Perspective from merchants who have employed successful strategies for adjusting their business during the pandemic

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